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The 21 Days Project

The depth of winter reveals a bitter and yet beautiful contrast.

The depth of this past year was like winter, revealing a bitter and yet beautiful contrast.

 This series started as a trial of 21 paintings focused on outer isolation, inner struggle, and for a whisper of wisdom in the throws of pandemic, like a long suffering winter. Weeks later for me came a revelation of what you see in this forbidding stillness, a subtle and sublime glow of light married against a backdrop of an endlessness. In the north during winter the sky turns the color of the land, where snow and milky sky are the same hue and value. Earth meets sky in a new way, through an extreme harshness that winter harbingers in, with an unrelenting crisp breath. Life waits and holds itself for the genesis of new life, this is the purest essence of holding onto hope. Hope becomes the everlasting and ultimate reason to withstand where you stand. Winter is the canvas where this is played out, and painted on our souls.

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