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Creating art is a continual process of moving forward, pulling back, and looking for the whole story. This ebb and flow is the core of my inspiration. Such tension compels me to bring image and spirit to life through painting.


Many of my works are constructs, building visual concepts with materials like oil on plaster, wood, copper, and glass. I am intrigued with letting the materials help determine the process and tell a story. This organic method allows me to look inward for meaning, embracing the tools of metaphor, icon, symbol, and words.


I enjoy creating works that are approachable, with meaning to peel back and uncover over time. By deconstructing themes larger than ourselves, the work communicates something deeper than the material world around us. With my paintings, I strive to create a parallel sense of the present and the eternal inviting the viewer into intimate questions of self.


Art has taught me that life is not always about what we bring, contribute, or add. Often, it’s what we take away, or don't say, that makes a moment sublime. Works That Tell a Story Through Art With Positive Message.


Phone:  612.749.7753

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