Portfolio 2020

Film & Video 

In His Hands 

 This piece pulls you through a journey of introspection, building with words and graphic image to a reveal that captures your imagination. Working with the amazing video music, production and editing teams at Wooddale Church Minnesota this film could not have happened without the creative talent and inspiration from the whole team.

The New You

 The concept for this project was to have several random-looking shapes being painted onto three canvasses, along with words describing how we feel about ourselves, or how we'd like to feel about ourselves. 

Pierced and Abandoned 

 Through this film the story of Christ's passion is portrayed. It is the film that opened each of the Easter weekend services at Eagle Brook Church. It was a fantastic project to work on, and although it was an exhausting all-night shoot, everything came together beautifully. 

In His Hands  :  Trailer

Hover  80"x 38" 

Creating art is a continual process of moving forward,

pulling back & looking for the whole story.

Loves Like a Hurricane  144"x80"

This ebb and flow is the core of my inspiration.

This tension compels me to bring image and spirit to life through painting. 

Hope  36"x 22"

 Many of my works are constructs, building visual concepts with materials like oil on plaster, wood, copper, & glass.

I am intrigued with letting the materials help determine the process and tell a story.

This organic method allows me to look inward for meaning, embracing the tools of metaphor, icon, symbol, and words. 

The Beauty of One 48"x 48"

By deconstructing themes larger than ourselves, the work communicates something deeper than the material world around us.

I enjoy creating works that are approachable, with meaning to peel back and uncover over time. With my paintings, I strive to create a parallel sense of the present and the eternal inviting the viewer into intimate questions of self.

Leeward   96"x 84"

Art has taught me that life is not always about what we

bring, contribute, or add.

Often, it’s what we take away, or don't say, that makes a moment sublime.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.15.33 PM
And the Word Was

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